myTemp won the Sports Innovator Award 2016

myTemp BV is start-up company based in Nijmegen in the East of the Netherlands that aims to develop an innovative, reliable, plug and play and affordable system to measure core temperature.

Exercise results in an increase in core body temperature, which may reduce exercise performance and eventually can lead to the development of heat-related disorders. Therefore, accurate measurement of core body temperature during exercise is of great importance, especially for athletes who have to perform in challenging ambient conditions

The development of this product is done in close collaboration with the department of integrative physiology of Prof. Dr. Maria Hopman of the  Radboud University Nijmegen in the Netherlands.

myTemp has already been used by small groups of athletes during several large sports events and by elite athletes in the Netherlands. The system is reliable and has given us new insights into the rise of body temperature during walks or runs.


Kjille Hoeben - CEO

Kjille Hoeben - CEO

Clemens Neervoort - R&D

Clemens Neervoort - R&D

Rutger Stoots - R&D

Rutger Stoots - R&D


Joost Fonville - Ambassador

Joost Fonville - Ambassador

I’m the father of Arthur Fonville, who passed away on September 21, 2014 at the finish line of the Dam tot Dam race from the consequences of a Heatstroke.

Arthur was a healthy sportsman, who was a member of the University of Amsterdam race team and gave everything he had to get his best performance.

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Unfortunately the heat built up in his body during the race and  and with a core body temperature of 42.6 degrees celsius at the finishline he had a heatstroke that he did not survive.

Since Arthur passed away, I have been involved in many initiatives to create the awareness on exertional heatstroke amongst runners and other endurance sports.

I’m a strong believer that continuously measuring the core body temperature is the single most effective way to avoid a heatstroke.

Currently there is still a lot to discover in the thermoregulatory system of the human body, how it reacts on exercise, how it dissipates the heat and why one person gets to a core body temperature of 38.5 while another gets 39.5 for the same exercise under the same conditions.

More research is needed to understand the factors that influence the core body temperature built up.

For this purpose, the myTemp capsule is an excellent device to perform that research.

Using the myTemp system allows the runner to get a good understanding of the CBT that he or she develops during the training run and they can optimize their cooling strategies and liquid intake strategies accordingly.

I have used the system successfully while running and while playing teamsports (fieldhockey) and during exercises in the gym.

Continuously measuring the Core Body Temperature reassures me that my body is staying at the safe side of the thermoregulatory balance.

In the ideal world I believe – as an ambassador for myTemp –  like each car has a speedometer, tachometer and a temperature indicator I believe that in the end every runner will have a smartwatch or smartphone indicating the speed, heartrate AND the Core Body Temperature.


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